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New Property Listing Guide

A guide to help you complete your new property listing.

Section 1 – Property Address

Enter the full address of the property you are listing.

*Important; the Display Address is the short description seen on the property portals. Some suggested entries:

<first 4 characters of your postcode>, <no of bedrooms>, <property type>

‘OX02, 4 Bedroom, Detached House’

Section 2 – Property Details

Ensure you set the Rent Frequency and Rent for that frequency.

The maximum deposit you can charge is 5 weeks

The date you property will be available to rent from

3. Descriptions

Enter a short and full description

You have the opportunity to add 10 primary features to make your property standout.

4. Media

Good quality images really help when letting your property. Here you can upload 10 images.

The first image uploaded will be your primary image and as a suggestion, make this an image of the front of the house

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